Shakuras was the homeworld of the Nerazim and later the Daelaam.

When Raszagal and her followers were exiled from Aiur, they sought refuge on Shakuras, a dark world littered with many ancient Xel'Naga temples. While the Khalai protoss needed light to sustain themselves, the Nerazim relied on Void energies to feed themselves.

After the Fall of Aiur, Artanis and Zeratul took the remaining templar to Shakuras, where Raszagal welcomed them. The zerg poured through the warp gates. Artanis proceeded to close them, and rid the planet of the zerg by using the Xel'Naga temple. The temple also served as a source of light for the templar.

Prior to the Second Great War, the Daelaam began constructing the Golden Armada.

When Kerrigan and the swarm arrived to Kaldir, a colony of protoss detected them. The expedition leader attempted to contact Shakuras and summon the Golden Armada, but the zerg destroyed all the Kaldir protoss.

Upon the fall of the templar, Amon's brood invaded Shakuras, killing most of the population. Artanis destroyed the zerg infestation covering the docks, allowing the Nerazim to escape. Vorazun demanded that the planet be destroyed. Artanis overloaded the Xel'Naga temple with energy, destroying Shakuras.


The Xel'Naga temple on Shakuras